A Wedding at the Q Station Manly

A Wedding at The Q Station Manly

Andy and Nina's Wedding

Whilst being the photographer at a wedding you get to know the couple you have photographed well, especially when it comes to the speeches at the reception.  This is one had me in stitches.  Andy the English traveller decided to learn volleyball at Manly Beach whilst here on his travels and signed up for the course over several weeks. Very soon he was very keen on the beautiful Nina who was also learning volleyball. Several mild attempts at trying to attract her attention (Andy being known to be less than forthright in this area) and feeling it wasn't happening was lucky fate played its part a couple of lessons later.  A very eager volleyball serve by Andy connected with the side of  Nina's head. "The rest is history"as they say.

The wedding was celebrated at The Q Station Manly with both family and friends, many coming from the UK. A very fun wedding.