Inspiration Tess

One of my favourite movies "Tess" starring Nastassja Kinski was the inspiration for this shoot.   I  love the opening scene of the peasant girls dancing in the english fields.  Lucky me has a wonderful neighbour "Mel" who collects old wedding dresses,  back in her later teenage years she would wear them to work  and yes it was just a normal office job at an architect (eccentric - yes).  Tara Cassidy, a stunning ethereal model I love photographing was keen to model.  As often on those creative whims it all happens over a couple of days so luckily Holly was able to help with make up.  Photographed around the my local area of Frenchs Forest.  Almost causing a woman driving near Oxford Falls to drive off the road, she looked liked she had seen a ghost when she saw Tara in one of the old  vintage dresses. I figured we had the right look.