The Language of Flowers by Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

The Language of Flowers


Being totally inspired by the book I recently read "The Language of Flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. A beautiful novel with reference to the hidden meaning of flowers from Victorian times.
I decided that a few very early mornings at the Flemington Flower Markets, 40 minutes drive away to look for inspiring roses to photograph could be fun.
5.30am start for me (Florists usually make their way earlier but I decided there should be enough flowers left for my 5.30 am arrival). Amazingly they were at the tail end of the busy period. Feeling a lot like a child in a lolly shop, I settled for some pink hybrid tea roses with a tinge of green on the outer petals and some little white spray roses.  I badly wanted David Austin's but all sold out, so possibly a 5 am start next time.
A week later and half an hour earlier -  no David Austins. How frustrating, my sister in Western Australia with ALL those David Austin Roses's. My first flowers I seriously photographed was Helen's (my incredibly talented garden designer neighbour in W.A.)amazing array of David Austin Roses. A tiny bit of that passion from Helen and my sister has rubbed off onto me, such a sensual rose I think. Anyway I had to settle for some purple hybrid tea rose's, I did love the colour.
Next Friday to try again for David Austins - I was in luck and by this stage my husband thinking I am a touch obsessive as he know's  early rising for me if possible is not on my agenda. I now have settled  to looking up catalogues to plant them, the results would be a success if 5% as good as Helen's and my sisters roses.

The resulting photo's I took over the 3 weeks of rose hunting. I have included the flower meaning from the novel "The Language of Flowers"

White Roses - a heart unacquainted with love
Purple Roses - enchantment
Pink Roses - grace

These are the David Austins!

Thorns, no thorns. Annoyed by that point so thorns stayed.
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