A Wedding at Centennial Park


Anna and Aidan married under big old beautiful tree in CentennialPark.

Such a magic location. Guests from all over the world, well of course with Anna from Poland and Aidan from the UK.  Lots of emotion and lots of laughter. It was wonderful to be a part of Anna and Aidan's wedding day.


A Wedding at the Elegant Manly Pavilion

Deb and Patrick wanted a small and meaningful wedding with close friends and family. Deb who grew up in the Northern Beaches Sydney came back to her childhood home in Frenchs Forest for the wedding. Both Patrick and Deb traveling from France as that is where they met and now live. Married on Valentines day this year. A few last minute changes due to torrential rain (rain on your wedding day is good luck I have heard) and the ceremony was held inside at the Manly Pavilion, followed by an intimate reception upstairs at the Manly Pavilion. Wonderful Day.




Watsons Bay Wedding

Northern Beaches Wedding Photographer

One of the treasures of Sydney would have to be Watsons Bay, a sheltered bay with views to the city and a very relaxed vibe. Caroline and Lea choosing the location with their many international guests in mind.  Everyone looked like they where having a great time, after many many wet Sydney days, the clouds parted for perfect weather.  What a great day.


The ceremony held on Robertson Park overlooking the harbour, among the old aged Moreton Bay Figs Trees. Then onto the reception at the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel where the food, flowers, speeches and atmosphere was fantastic. 

Long Reef Golf Club Wedding

Lisa Thompson Northern Beaches Wedding Photographer


Gale force winds and a storm front heading right for us somehow didn't seem to faze Kirsty the bride. Something I learned that day, Kirsty is an amazing and calm person. Because of this and an equally unfazed groom the wedding went ahead without a hitch, just a little adapting.  Finding a nice sheltered beach location was definitely an asset. Managing to take wedding photos under the shelter of umbrellas and a Northern Beaches Surf Club. And nothing stopped the wedding reception guests at Long Reef Golf Club from having a very very good time.

A Wedding at the Q Station Manly

A Wedding at The Q Station Manly

Andy and Nina's Wedding

Whilst being the photographer at a wedding you get to know the couple you have photographed well, especially when it comes to the speeches at the reception.  This is one had me in stitches.  Andy the English traveller decided to learn volleyball at Manly Beach whilst here on his travels and signed up for the course over several weeks. Very soon he was very keen on the beautiful Nina who was also learning volleyball. Several mild attempts at trying to attract her attention (Andy being known to be less than forthright in this area) and feeling it wasn't happening was lucky fate played its part a couple of lessons later.  A very eager volleyball serve by Andy connected with the side of  Nina's head. "The rest is history"as they say.

The wedding was celebrated at The Q Station Manly with both family and friends, many coming from the UK. A very fun wedding.

A Wedding at the Residences Centennial Park in Sydney

A Wedding at the Residences Centennial Park in Sydney


Rebecca and Christian

Rebecca and Christian wanted a small and intimate wedding that felt like a family affair. They wanted to treat their closest friends and family to an elegant night filled with love, laughter and a massive feast.
Held at "The Residences Centennial Park". It was the first wedding ever held there after some stunning and very serious renovations to the two properties,  "The Ranger's Residence" and  "The Superintendent's Residence".
The Bridal gown was Reem Acra's "Olivia" gown. A Victoria Novak "Charmaine" headpiece. Florist was  Jodie Mc Gregor.

Victoria Novak "Charmaine" Headpiece

Waiting for the brides arrival at Our Lady Star of the Sea, Watsons Bay
Our Lady Star of the Sea, Watsons Bay

Inside "The Rangers House" at the Residences

Centennial Park

Fig trees at Centennial Park

 Superintendents Residence within Centennial Park

The reception was held in a marquee at the back of the historic Superintendents Residence within Centennial Park

35 Years for Healthy Harold

I was asked to photograph the 35year Anniversary Celebration of Life Education recently. I wonder if you remember Healthy Harold the Giraffe coming around your school imparting his wisdom?   An organisation that is Australia's largest provider of health and drug education to children and young people.

Little did I know until last minute who some of the high profile attendants were.
The Australian Governor general Sir Peter Cosgrove who is the Patron in Chief of Life Education Australia.  Malcom Turnbull (filling in for Tony Abbott). The Governor of NSW Marie Bashir and Phillip Ruddock all supporting the event.  Hence the extra set of batteries going into the camera bag ..just in case.
Great night for a great cause.

A bit excited about my new display album

My new display album of Simon and Alex(Audrey Hepburn look alike) has arrived and I love it. I have been searching everywhere to find a company that does work like this, understated, classic and the quality just beautiful. I sound over the top but it isn't always easy sourcing products. This one is definitely a score.  The main thing is the fine art paper and the way it is printed and also being able to spread the images over the whole 2 pages, so good for storytelling.

The wedding was at Observatory Hill Park with the reception at Wolfies at the Rocks, Sydney.
Why the apple on the second page ... Simon always carries apples or chocolate for Alex just in case of hunger. You can see he gives Alex the apple just after she walks up the aisle. How sweet is that!


I have been wanting to photograph Saoirse (Blue) for awhile and she did not disappoint - all 3 years old of her. Craig,  Blue's Dad and I headed off for a bit of a combined photo lesson and photoshoot. Not sure how much Craig learnt as Blue's hearty personality kept me rather busy trying to get the shot I had envisaged. Not the shot I envisaged but oh she is cute!

Claire and Josephs' Wedding

Ceremony     Blues Point Sydney
Reception       Pittwater YHA(Elvina Bay)

Here is a wedding from April this year. Two English backpackers meeting and settling in Sydney.
I knew from the outset that it was going to be an interesting wedding as when Claire approached me she gave me a brief description, backpacker theme, water taxi to reception, London double decker bus to Cottage Point, Ferry to Elvina Bay  near Scotland Island and reception at a Youth Hostel (Pittwater YHA)Backpackers which is only accessible by water then  bush track, yes a bush track with no cars etc  EVERYTHING had to be carried up that relatively long and steep bush track.
As Claire said -
"Between jumping from the water taxi to the bus getting lost, and walking up that hill it was all very fun" and it was. The atmosphere and spirit was fantastic.

Also somehow dodging wet and windy days either side of Claire and Josephs' wedding day seemed somewhat of a miracle.

Gledswood Homestead and Winery

Over this wet and windy weekend I have decided to upload some of the weddings I have done this year.

Kayleigh and Craig where married at Gledswood Homestead and Winery early this year
A stunning location about an hour or so from the CBD. A beautiful old homestead reportedly haunted and out buildings made of rustic timber. What beautiful loving families.

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches
Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches


A Nagging Feeling

Photography is kind of like an addiction. You obsess about the idea for a photograph in your head and it keeps nagging until you do something about it. I had ideas's for a photoshoot in old vintage wedding gowns along a kind of Pre Raphaelite feel. As it turned out we got a jilted Mrs Haversham from the book Great Expectations, a bit of a Blair Witch number and a John Waterhouse/Aussie kind of picture.

 Most of the gowns came from Grandma Takes A Trip based in Sydney, a Vintage & Retro boutique with some of the most amazing clothes that are sourced from all over the world, an Aladdin's cave.  Yes in went a gown that is not a wedding gown, but how could I resist. Grace who lives locally was able to be  my ephemeral model and manage to fit into my Nana's tiny size 6(possibly 4) wedding gown from the 1930's. Lucky for me my mother treasured it (unlike her own gown which was cut up for my sisters primary school end of year concert and reincarnated into a ballerina costume)

A local Northern Beaches reserve was the backdrop. I didn't want it too contrived but  rather more like an unfolding process. The light was that special hour just before sunset, the "golden hour", with long shadows, backlit grass.
So thank you Grace and Mark...it was a lovely day.

JW Waterhouse inspired with Aussie setting

Nana's tiny dress

Mrs Haversham from Great Expectations

Bit of a Blair Witch feel, love the dress, not sure where originated Russian?

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The Language of Flowers by Lisa Thompson Photographer Northern Beaches

The Language of Flowers


Being totally inspired by the book I recently read "The Language of Flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. A beautiful novel with reference to the hidden meaning of flowers from Victorian times.
I decided that a few very early mornings at the Flemington Flower Markets, 40 minutes drive away to look for inspiring roses to photograph could be fun.
5.30am start for me (Florists usually make their way earlier but I decided there should be enough flowers left for my 5.30 am arrival). Amazingly they were at the tail end of the busy period. Feeling a lot like a child in a lolly shop, I settled for some pink hybrid tea roses with a tinge of green on the outer petals and some little white spray roses.  I badly wanted David Austin's but all sold out, so possibly a 5 am start next time.
A week later and half an hour earlier -  no David Austins. How frustrating, my sister in Western Australia with ALL those David Austin Roses's. My first flowers I seriously photographed was Helen's (my incredibly talented garden designer neighbour in W.A.)amazing array of David Austin Roses. A tiny bit of that passion from Helen and my sister has rubbed off onto me, such a sensual rose I think. Anyway I had to settle for some purple hybrid tea rose's, I did love the colour.
Next Friday to try again for David Austins - I was in luck and by this stage my husband thinking I am a touch obsessive as he know's  early rising for me if possible is not on my agenda. I now have settled  to looking up catalogues to plant them, the results would be a success if 5% as good as Helen's and my sisters roses.

The resulting photo's I took over the 3 weeks of rose hunting. I have included the flower meaning from the novel "The Language of Flowers"

White Roses - a heart unacquainted with love
Purple Roses - enchantment
Pink Roses - grace

These are the David Austins!

Thorns, no thorns. Annoyed by that point so thorns stayed.
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Vicky and Jimmy's wedding.
One sunny day amongst a wet Sydney summer and lots of fun.

My favourite...possibly for the year

Proud Aunty

Recently whilst visiting my home state of Western Australia I was asked to photograph my cousin's  daughter. Holly is almost 6 foot and towers over her aunty(not hard). Lucky for me my friend Sal had a ready vintage wardrobe to match her art decor house .  Evan more amazing was Lynette Robinson was in Perth, my WA hair/fashion photoshoot buddy.  Lynette as usual doing great hair and styling all with babe in arms, all with a warning of a few hours before the shoot!  Along the way was lots of laughs. Well done Holly, I hope Scene Models goes well and Dad is happy with the photo's and Aunty Lisa has not made any uncompromising photo's(well maybe in Dad's eye's).

Inspiration Tess

One of my favourite movies "Tess" starring Nastassja Kinski was the inspiration for this shoot.   I  love the opening scene of the peasant girls dancing in the english fields.  Lucky me has a wonderful neighbour "Mel" who collects old wedding dresses,  back in her later teenage years she would wear them to work  and yes it was just a normal office job at an architect (eccentric - yes).  Tara Cassidy, a stunning ethereal model I love photographing was keen to model.  As often on those creative whims it all happens over a couple of days so luckily Holly was able to help with make up.  Photographed around the my local area of Frenchs Forest.  Almost causing a woman driving near Oxford Falls to drive off the road, she looked liked she had seen a ghost when she saw Tara in one of the old  vintage dresses. I figured we had the right look.